Keep Your Warehouse Safe

Keeping your warehouse safe is actually not that hard. Check out these 4 tips on how to do it

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The warehouse is an important part of any company. It's the place -where you store your finished products and the place where buyers interested in your products sometimes come to view them.

Except having the best equipment and machinery, like carton flow rack, there is a need for taking care of another aspect in your business.

The Need for Safety in a Warehouse

A warehouse should be kept clean to avoid contamination of goods especially if they are edible. It should also be presentable so as to portray a good image of the company to customers who come to view the goods.

Above all, the warehouse should be safe to ensure the safety of everyone who works or goes there.

Ensuring Safety in a Warehouse

As the manager of a company, there are various ways through which you can ensure that your warehouse is a safe workplace for your employees. Consider the following to keep your warehouse safe:

1. Traffic routes

The warehouse usually has trucksand forklifts which move about ferrying and unloading or loading goods. There needs to be specially designed routes for these traffic so they don't endanger the lives of pedestrians.

The routes should also be free from obstacles to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

2. Signage

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There should be signs and labels placed at various points in the warehouse to guide people's movement and to prevent them from handling anything which is hazardous.

You should place an entry sign as well as an exit sign. You should also have signs indicating emergency exit, routes used by traffic, explosive chemicals, high electric voltage, and slippery floor among other things.

The signs should be indicated in a language that everyone can understand.

3. Safety equipment

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You should incorporate various safety equipment in the warehouse to protect the workers.

Among the equipment you should have safety gates and safety rails. These prevent forklifts from driving into the sections occupied by workes.

You should also have a wire net around boxes to prevent them from falling and injuring workers who may be standing nearby. There are many other safety equipment you should have such as column guards and others.

4. Fire safety

Fire safety is important for every building within the company, not just the warehouse alone. In the warehouse, there are several things which can lead to the occurrence of a fire, such as explosive chemicals and electric faults.

Make sure you have fire extinguishers placed at strategic points within the warehouses complete with instructions on how they should be used.

Also make sure you have printed guidelines on the wall which give workers instructions on what to do in case of a fire. There should also be a fire alarm, emergency exit doors, and a fire assembly point.

5. Safe flooring

The safety of floors is very important in a warehouse. You should ensure that the floor is made from non-slippery materials in order to avoid injuries from falls and accidents.

The floor should also be kept dry at all times to reduce falls resulting from sliding. The floor should also not be cleaned with detergents which make it slippery.

6. Ergonomics

Make sure your workers are comfortable. Provide adequate rest breaks for them, and also ensure they don't strain their necks too much or have their posture interfered with.

In addition to everything, the workers should be well trained in handling all the equipment and machinery, so as to prevent accidents resulting from inappropriate handling of the equipment and machinery.